Family dental care
and cosmetic
in St-Lazare

Restoration dentistry

We all have good intentions when it comes to taking better care of our teeth and avoiding unnecessary cavities. And who wouldn’t like to have their damaged or decayed teeth regain their former beauty? At Clinique dentaire St-Lazare, we can repair slightly decayed teeth and teeth with small cavities using dental fillings.

We can also restore more damaged teeth using crowns and inlays. An inlay is used to replace a dental filling: tooth cavities are filled and sealed with a more durable material.

Family dentistry

Whether you need a simple or a more complex teeth cleaning, or some other particular treatment, we offer impeccable service to children and adults of all ages.

Cosmetic dentistry

Thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry, teeth with surface alterations can be brought back to their original whiteness and smoothness. This is done by removing a very thin layer of tooth enamel and then covering the surface with white porcelain.

We also offer teeth whitening treatments for use on a single tooth (following a root canal for example) or on the full dentition. Teeth whitening can be performed internally or externally. The first process clarifies a tooth devitalized from the inside and consists of the dentist introducing a product inside the tooth. The treatment can be repeated a week later if needed, or even several times until the desired colour is achieved.

Teeth whitening at home

Working from an impression taken of your teeth, the dentist makes dental trays adapted to your dentition. He then applies a gel with a high concentration of whitening agent, making the process much more effective and durable than what pharmacies have to offer. The trays distribute the product evenly and keep it in constant contact with the teeth. This treatment is applied for two hours a day over a two-week period.

Teeth whitening at the dentist

In some cases, the dental surgeon applies a solution with a higher hydrogen peroxide concentration than the peroxide available over the counter in pharmacies. This takes about one hour at the dentist’s office and produces faster results than home whitening treatments. To ensure the long-term effectiveness of this treatment, the patient must then apply a whitening gel for two hours a day over the next three days.

Orthodontics with Invisalign

At Clinique dentaire St-Lazare, we also specialize in getting your “deviant teeth back on track” using orthodontics. We prioritize the Invisalign technique, which consists of placing over the teeth, quasi-invisible dental devices that gradually correct their position from week to week until they reach the desired alignment.

The Invisalign method offers a range of advantages: it allows you to align your teeth in comfort, in addition to being a made-to-measure, efficient, discreet, and removable process. Contact us today for more information.

Oral surgery

Wisdom tooth extractions and gum grafts are also part of the professional dental services offered at our family clinic in St-Lazare.

Root canal treatment

This is often a “last resort” treatment before tooth extraction; it is used in cases of deep cavities, broken teeth, or teeth requiring a crown.

At Clinique dentaire St-Lazare, we use a modern mechanized technique that maximizes treatment effectiveness. The ‘traditional’ manual method consists of having the dentist clean the tooth pulp (the soft tissue inside the tooth) using a file-like instrument.

The mechanized technique uses an apparatus equipped with an automated ‘file’. The device’s rotary motion is able to remove debris accumulated in teeth more effectively. This treatment improves results and is faster than the manual method.